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Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

12 Episodes

Dramas, thrillers, and mysteries. By the time it premiered on October 2, 1955, Hitchcock had been directing films for over three decades. Time magazine named it one of "The 100 Best TV Shows of all time".

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  • Fog Closing In

    Episode 1

    An escaped mental patient (George Grizzard) encounters a woman (Phyllis Thaxter) who's afraid to be alone in her house.

  • Wet Saturday

    Episode 2

    After his daughter commits murder, a man (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) finds a way to protect his family's reputation.

  • Toby
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    A man (Robert H. Harris) is overjoyed to learn that his long-forsaken love (Jessica Tandy) has searched him out to marry him.

  • None Are So Blind

    Episode 4

    A man (Hurd Hatfield) assumes another identity to kill his aunt (Mildred Dunnock) but forgets one important detail.

  • De Mortuis

    Episode 5

    Two friends unknowingly tell a middle-aged professor (Robert Emhardt) about his wife's (Cara Williams) reputation.

  • Kill with Kindness

    Episode 6

    A brother and sister (Hume Cronyn, Carmen Mathews) scheme to defraud an insurance company. With James Gleason.

  • Jonathan

    Episode 7

    A young man is overcome with grief when he learns of his father's demise and accuses his new mother of the crime.

  • Mr Blanchard's Secret

    Episode 8

    A mystery writer with an overactive imagination conjures up murderous thoughts about her new neighbors.

  • Alibi Me

    Episode 9

    A murderer (Lee Philips) searches for an alibi after he kills a rival gangster (Chick Chandler) in a fit of rage.

  • The Better Bargain

    Episode 10

    An underworld kingpin (Robert Middleton) learns that his wife (Kathleen Hughes) has been unfaithful to him. With Henry Silva.

  • The Rose Garden

    Episode 11

    A publisher (John Williams), intrigued by an unpublished murder mystery, visits the author (Patricia Collinge).

  • John Brown's Body

    Episode 12

    A wife (Leora Dana) regrets having her sane husband (Russell Collins) committed to a mental institution.