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Betty Boop

Betty Boop

3 Episodes

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Betty Boop
  • Betty Boop and Snow White

    Episode 1

    Betty Boop is brought to the forest to be executed by her stepmama the Queen for being the fairest in the land. The clown and cat who are to execute her accidentally freeze her in ice where she is carried away by seven dwarves. The Stepmama turns into a witch and turns the clown into a ghost whil...

  • Betty Boop and the Little King

    Episode 2

    Comic strip character The Little King, bored at the opera, sneaks over to the vaudeville house to see (and join) Betty's Wild West Show. But the Queen tracks him down...

  • Betty Boop and Grampy

    Episode 3

    Two piano movers, a fireman and a traffic cop all drop what they're doing to join Betty Boop at the contraption-happy Grampy's eccentric party.